You WANT TO WANT sex, but you just aren't feeling it.

You feel AWKWARD talking about sex.

You feel BROKEN and ALONE.

You DON'T KNOW what you really want.

You are feeling too STRESSED OUT to find time for sex.

We all get stuck sometimes.

What's Been Holding YOu Back?

Take this quick 60 second quiz to learn more about yourself and your sexual energy so that you can feel more empowered and relational in your sex life.

The Quiz

How do you relate to your sexual energy?

It's your super power.

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We all want to be able to accept and express our authentic sexual selves.

We all need pleasure and intimacy to connect us more deeply to ourselves and our partners. But the truth is everyone gets stuck sometimes.

Let's get your sexual mojo back!  

Let's get a little radical!

Pleasure is your birthright!

It's time for something

Why radical? (hint: it's not about what you do in bed.)

is a HOLISTIC approach to sexual wholeness and authenticity.

 believes that sexual energy and pleasure are FUNDAMENTAL to health.

 challenges you to take BOLD action towards personal REVOLUTION.

is ICONOCLASTIC, only beholden to wisdom not dogma. 

What's so radical about Radical Sexuality?


Radical Sexuality

Radical Sexuality

Radical Sexuality

Radical Sexuality

Dive deep and get personal.

COaching & Relationship Intensives

Kickstart your sexual revolution.


One-on-One consultation to see what is holding you back and get you into your sexual flow.

In depth coaching programs and high intensity experiences.

- client

I have recommended you to multiple friends. So many women suffer unnecessarily because they have no one to talk to - you need a billboard!

- client

I have a better sense of what's going on during my periods (and genuinely wish I knew all this information much earlier in my life!) I'm finding ways to work on stress and anxiety, and also getting support dealing with a chronic pain condition. Working with Lori has felt like a "safe space" to explore my pain and try to find alternative ways to manage it. 

- Client

Thank you! I can't explain how great it feels to have someone work with me and genuinely seem to care and feel you have my best interest at heart. It's been life changing to have someone as part of my health care team who is so wonderful. When I was recommended to see you, I was told you were a 'magical hormone understanding unicorn," and I feel like that description fits perfectly!

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Sharing your story is a great first step towards sexual healing and growth.  You may need more support.  am a clinical sexologist who helps women and their partners moved past sexually stuck to tuned in and turned on again.

For me, clinical sexology means that I got radical and studied sex from every angle so that I could create a practice that works for you.  


Need more support?
I am here for you.

board certified NP & sex med specialist

AASECT Certified Sex Counselor

Advanced training in somatics, trauma, couples counseling

A mystic, philosopher, Lover of spirituality and the woo-sphere!

share it
and being
who you are
is knowing
radical act
"The most
with the world."

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