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To teach clitoral anatomy through education and distribution of
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Folks, we have a CLITORIS knowledge gap.

The clitoris is a foundation of women's sexual pleasure.  It is as important to people with vulvas as penises are to people who have a penis.  And yet!  The clitoris is an enigma in our culture surrounded by misinformation and outright omissions.

Most of us have been told, if we were told anything at all, that the clitoris is a tiny little nubbin' of tissue that resides at the top of the vulva.  Hard to find, impossible to see, more myth than reality.

But the truth is that we have known for decades or even possibly centuries that the clitoris had a complex internal structure that is just as important as the part of the clitoris that is visible.

Women and all vulva owners deserve to know their own bodies.

The clitoris is a major source of pleasure and sexual energy. Knowledge of the anatomy and function of the clitoris is a basic right for all clitoris owners!

Unfortunately, information about the true anatomy of the clitoris has been slow to spread.  Sex education programs haven't shared it and it's not likely something your mom shared either!

The full anatomy of the clitoris should be celebrated; yell it out from the highest rooftops!   This is knowledge that can enrich people’s experience of being alive and embodied.

Doctors don't know this anatomy either and it's a problem.

Doctors and other health care professionals get woefully little sex education in their training, like just a handful of hours all together.

Medical textbooks, the cornerstone of training for a wide array of health care professionals, have omitted clitoral anatomy for centuries.

Knowledge about the real anatomy of the clitoris should be part of every health care provider’s basic education. Unfortunately it is not.

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Knowledge about the real anatomy of the clitoris should be part of every health care provider’s basic education.

Let's do something about it!
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Our goal is to close the clitoris knowledge gap one clitoris at a time. Join the campaign!

We will send a clitoris to a secondary school of your choice (or we can pick for you).

That's right! 
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    Test your clit wits!


    What do you even know about the clitoris??

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